Lilacs at the Central Experimental Farm

    Lilacs in the Ornamental Gardens    

A large number of the Farm's lilacs are in the Ornamental Gardens. These include different types of early, mid, late and very late-blooming types, with starting times beginning the second week of May. Blossoms for each plant generally last for at least two weeks. Lilac blossoms can be seen over a six week period.

Some are wild species or subspecies but most are cultivated varieties (cultivars) of wild species, originated by about 60 world-wide plant breeders including 13 Canadians. They were obtained by vegetative propagation of selected seedlings resulting from sports (mutations) or from hybridization by random or deliberate pollination between two plants in the same or different species.

Lists of lilacs in the Lilac Rows and Preston Heritage Collection can be seen, printed and taken on a walk among the lilacs.
        (Note that changes occur each year so that plaque and inventory information may differ.)

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→ Lists of lilacs in the Lilac Rows and the Preston Heritage Collection

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