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Friends of the Central Experimental Farm
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The Friends of the Farm are proud to offer For the Love of Trees: A Guide to the Trees of Ottawa's Central Experimental Farm Arboretum by Richard Hinchcliff and Roman Popadiouk, with illustrations by Karen (Gier) Cameron.

The book is an illustrated tribute to the heritage collection of trees at the Arboretum. This beautiful book contains over 580 colour photographs and 75 drawings of 92 tree species.

Profiles of the trees include their shape, leaves, flowers, bark and fruit as well as their location and historical commentary by former curators.

A series of walks through this picturesque green space is provided, with colour-coded maps at the back of the book. A pleasure to read and an excellent learning tool, For the Love of Trees heightens our awareness of the beauty of this national historic site and in so doing honours trees everywhere.

Get your copy!
The book, priced at $24.95 plus tax (total price $26.20), is available at Friends of the Farm events or at the our office in Building 72, Arboretum, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0C6. It can also be purchased from the publisher General Store Publishing House

The following items are also available from the Friends of the Farm, Building 72, Arboretum, Central Experimental Farm or at any of our events.

Scenes of The Farm (blank inside)
A variety of cards are produced on an ongoing basis. Some are seasonal; all depict the beauty of the Farm, its Arboretum and Ornamental Gardens. View sample cards

Set of 6 cards     $17.00
Card and envelope              $3.50

Guide to the Lilac Collection at the Farm

The Farm is home to over 800 lilacs of 317 different types. The Friends of the CEF have prepared a CDROM, Lilacs at the Farm, a Guide to the Heritage Lilacs at the Central Experimental Farm. It is available for $15 at the office or at our events; shipping can be arranged. Order

Ottawa's Farm: A History of the Central Experimental Farm, by Helen Smith. $20.00
The Friends of the Central Experimental Farm Cookbook. $4.00
The Life and Times of an Ottawa Lumberking, by John Ross Trinnell. $20.00

Prints of heritage buildings at the Central Experimental Farm

Single prints (unsigned only): $20.00

Set of 6 prints (unsigned): $75.00

Building 72, Arboretum, Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Canada K1A 0C6
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